After rotating an object, you may not set an absolute size for that object. A pick list prompt screen. To restore default calibration settings 1. Also, with a radio button or checkbox, you can use the Space key as a toggle: Code If you select Bar Code on the Data Source dialog box, the Bar Code dialog box displays where you can specify the content of the bar code. Responding To Text Prompts Responding to text prompts Figure shows a generic version of a text prompt screen:

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Because a reliable value for the maximum supported cut length has not been determined, the printer will not perform a check prior brady globalmark 2 printing, to warn gloalmark if the label contains cut objects longer than a specific length.


OFF is the default. Brady globalmark 2 these cases, when you attempt to print the label, the system displays a Label Too Long message, and you must correct the label before proceeding. Using the template shown in Figure above, you could create brady globalmark 2 label that looks like this: Most of you who use these applications are already familiar with the standards and requirements for these types of labels.

A cut bounding box is a border you can set around objects gllbalmark you want to print AND cut. In a text object with multiple lines of text, each line gets its own cut out border.


Call us at to learn gloobalmark this brady globalmark 2. Formatting text objects The Enter Text screen provides these options for formatting your text object: Solid and Striped Tapes.

Low Resistance Testers

If no object is selected, the system beeps. Minimum cut brady globalmark 2 message. When an error message appears, it remains on the screen until you correct the error condition. Cycles through multiple objects layered on the display glboalmark.

Raise the printer cover up and away to the right. Carefully pull on the blade to g,obalmark brady globalmark 2, as shown here: In Figurefor instance, the Tab arrows indicate that there are additional tabs to be seen when you choose the right Tab arrow, but not if you select the left Tab arrow.

Printing A Single Label For example, if you submitted a print job for five copies of this label, and the Supply saver option is ON, the output looks like this: Color-coded guide – rear inside brady globalmark 2.


Responding to graphics prompts Figure shows a graphics prompt. Clean sensor and reload tape.


If you brady globalmark 2 using a mouse, move the cursor to a non-highlighted area and click the left mouse button to deselect. Pipe Marker, with pre-designed layouts for creating standard, roll-form, or symbol and arrow labels for marking pipes. Accessing Template Files Accessing template files You can access template files you created, or that you or someone in your organization has downloaded to your system, through My Templates.

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Symbologies are universal bar code formats. Accessing Online Help Figure The System Setup tabs are: Justification determines the horizontal alignment for a text object in your label. Use the Dimension tab to set rbady bar code options: Size H x W: Num Lock does not minus sign affect this brady globalmark 2.

Installing A Compact Flash Memory Card Brady globalmark 2 a compact flash memory globapmark Your label printing system has a card slot you can globalmaark to attach a compact flash memory card to your system. Marine and IMO Signs.

This sample label demonstrates both justification and position. Cut out around a cut bounding box you can create for some print objects.

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