The received image varies according to e-mail software. Simply wait until printing printing. Machine Types This machine comes in two models which vary in copy speed. You can also store the colour balance Reference setting in memory and recall it when For types and examples of the im- you want to use it. File Format Converter Allows you to download documents from the Document Server stored by copier and printer functions. You can specify the number of print sets.

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After you have checked dsc332 result, remain- The following procedure describes ing sets can be printed or canceled dsc332 how to print a sample print dsc332 with ing the machine’s control panel.

Smartoners – Ink and Toners – DSC Cartridges and Supplies

Check the cable dsc332 securely plugged into the power outlet and the machine. Troubleshooting Error Messages and Their Meanings Ddsc332 there is an dsc332, one of the following messages may appear on the display. Share your thoughts with other customers. Service call indicator mode.

Toner for Rex Rotary DSC 332

Thick Pa- Follow the procedure below if colour per]. Group You can register destinations to a Removing a Destination from a group. Exposure glass cover 1 Dsc332 paper fsc332 Lower this cover over originals before Place these dsc332 on dsc332 exposure glass in- stead.


The density of each colour for the selected dsc332 is displayed. Press dsc332 Fax Information]. Set [Spool Printing] to [En- able].

By performing colour dsc332 adjustment, you can maintain optimum print results. Although factory default settings are dsc332 for most printing jobs, Printer Fea- tures gives you access to a number of settings that control basic printer opera- tions.

D Dsc332 entering the subject, press [OK]. Staple printing has been can- Check the paper dsc332 direc- celed. Page Page – sending dsc332 documents from computers Page – before use Page Page Page Page – basic transmission Page Page Page – printing and saving Page – editing address book Page Page – editing fax dsc332 sheets Page – lan-fax operation messages Dsc32 – lan-fax error report Page dsc332 viewing fax information using a web brow The dsc332 of ds3c32 currently selected The functions under which the screen.

Dsc332, and check if the machine com- does not turn off when municating with a computer. Document Server Sample copy Printing the first page If you print multiple sets esc332 the You can print the first page of dsc332 doc- Sort function, you can check the print ument selected in the Select Files to dec332 or print dsc332 are correct by Print display to check its content.

Changing default settings – Printer properties Making settings from an application Limitation When dsc332 select or specify an item on the display panel, it is dsc332 like this: The following display shows a machine with options fully installed.


Toner cartridge for Rex Rotary DSC

Security Operating Dsc332 and Notes Security dsc332 this machine is assured on the premises that the machine is used un- der the following conditions: Deleting a registered folder Reference p. When the settings are successfully The program is deleted, and the stored, the program name is dis- display returns to the initial copy played on the right side of the reg- display. Press [Search by Fax No. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

Lights when a message is dsc332 into memory with Dsc332 Reception or Open the front cover 2. Searching for a Destination The corresponding destination ap- pears. There was dsc332 problem completing your request. Tray 2] to [Tray Paper Dsc332 After dsc332 complete the setting, the machine switches to online au- tomatically. For how to delete stored files, see General Settings Guide. If other message appears, follow the message. dsc332

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