But there is no 16GB memory chip on your key!! August 12, at 3: They claimed to be 32GB but they are 2GB. The thing was the USB stick. A file navigation window will appear. As I said at the beginning, I tried for about week to somehow workaround my problem and could not find any effective help for users with the newest UEFI PCs having no option to switch off the Secure boot. January 12, at 9:

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What you posted is memory id, not controller details.

The easiest way to check is to look at the capacity. The ink-based version of the controller ID led me to use UdTools1.

How To Create A Ubuntu 16.04 USB Drive Using Windows 10

So either disabling hibernate also disables fast startup of disabling hibernate disables the option to turn off fast startup. It is likely to be in your Downloads folder. The memory its well recognized by the program, so no label on it. If you can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

So apparently software worked right off the bat for you. I cannot find information about memory noname? Further when while rebooting my pc after selecting efi usb disk option there was no option like try ubuntu instead boot manager window appeared. The tool that u mentioned: You will be asked to make a donation, which helps with hp v125w 4gb usb flash drive future development of Ubuntu.

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USB Flash Drive Speed Tests – VID = , PID = 0

Note that there is a link at the top which says “change settings that are currently unavailable”. August 19, at December 7, at I am not sure what it really should be. Support me or Bloggy bloggy by buying us me and my blog items that help us both: I have a bunch of fake flash drives with a MXTA controller. So I ran the chipgenius and it states Device Name: They had all failed after a few months use, presumably when the users first hit the 2GB hp v125w 4gb usb flash drive of what they thought was their 8GB memory stick.

I searched all over and googled so many instructions. If i were you i will try to get my money back from seller asap, for you are stuck with 2.

Or you can also try the technique mentioned at http: They claimed to be 32GB but they are 2GB. September hp v125w 4gb usb flash drive, at And if so, how could I fix my memory? August 6, at 6: I have need to fix some thumb drives I purchased.

Both 1 and 2 do load Linux but I didn’t investigate if it works hp v125w 4gb usb flash drive. Maybe he can post his and you can email him than, if he is still interested to fix his usb key.

Though I don’t remember disabling hibernation it’s completely possible. The memeory chip is not the drop down list and it wont auto detect, says cannt find rom or something like that. The media is Likely to be defective. I have tried to forma with same type hp v125w 4gb usb flash drive gigabytes memory, but hangs happens, so its 1 gigabyte.


And sorry if doing what i posted wrecks your stick totally. November 4, at 2: October 10, at 2: I tried using the programs mentioned, but to no avail. Futro above should be able to see your drive too properly and fix it, if not do get back to us. Are you familiar with the use of udtools?

I 4tb it like this. February 7, at 4: February 28, at 5: Then you make only one partition with the okay parts size with Easeus Partiton master from http: September 8, at 8: Hp v125w 4gb usb flash drive 23, at 2: With a program that tests de pendrives called testdrive.

That is very odd.

September 17, at 7: Jasonit could very well be 1gb key, but before you started format did you check for its true real capacity, for that is a must before deciding which rom version to use to flash it back to its true capacity.

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