Intel Core 2 Duo E 2. It looks unusual, but it’s very convenient: By the way, one of the arguments for using older chipsets is their support for DDR2 memory. Besides, MSI uses ferrite chokes instead of iron chokes, so they consume less power and remain cooler. We can only say that the product implements this hybrid technology on a good level. Write a comment below. If it overclocks well the it would be a good choice for those making the transition to ddr3 like me.

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That’s the explanation for the current situation, typical of transition periods, when even top motherboards on new chipsets support msi x48c platinum old memory type, even though enthusiasts shouldn’t be scared away by high prices.

There is only some rare motherboard on base of chipset intel x48, which ensures alternating support to DDR-2 and DDR- 3 memory. Common users will certainly prefer DDR2 memory as well, if they have a look at prices.

Overview for X48C Platinum | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

It’s difficult to take into account all pros and cons of this approach perhaps, it has more pros than consbut it’s certainly an unusual situation. Our Original Design award is well deserved. Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other msi x48c platinum details in the form below.

The motherboard uses an unusual switching voltage regulator msi x48c platinum a CPU: But reality was crudely different. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Instead, a user has to use MSI utilities, which automatically download necessary updates from the web site.


On the other hand, all HDD connectors lie on their sides, so even the longest expansion card won’t block them.

[Xtreview] MSI X48C Platinum DDR2 and DDR3

For the best viewing experience please msi x48c platinum your browser to Google Chrome. Judging by photos on the MSI web site, PCB layout of the retail product will remain the same however, the third heat sink and its heat pipe will be removed. Besides it can boast of a cunning algorithm for supplying memory voltage—it recalculates the last voltage specified in BIOS Setup for the current memory type. Onboard ports, sockets, and connectors Processor socket: Msi x48c platinum Posted by CorporalAris.

We can only say msi x48c platinum the product implements this hybrid technology on a good level. By the way, one of the arguments for using older chipsets is their support for DDR2 memory.

BB code is On.

MSI X48C Platinum, LGA775 Socket, Intel Motherboard

The above mentioned solutions leave almost no free room on the PCB. Intel Core 2 Duo E 2. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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Auto msi x48c platinum a multiplier to the FSB frequency: Support for two memory types is msi x48c platinum rare feature for this class of motherboards, so MSI X48C Platinum definitely stands out here. BIOS Setup will allow to choose one of performance profiles and adjust its parameters, when necessary.


Flashing the latest BIOS version was not very easy: Much attention is paid to the memory power system: We’ve already seen a similar solution in P35 Platinum by the way, this implementation of Circu-Pipe is much smaller and has fewer heat sinks, although the chipset is a tad hotter because of the higher FSB clock rate. There wouldn’t have been anything strange in this fact manufacturers often design common PCB layouts for similar motherboards—but the msi x48c platinum is, X48 Platinum significantly differs from X48C Platinum in PCB design in particular, the top model supports only DDR3 and has four slots for such memory.

In msi x48c platinum case, however, MSI uses a rarer option: To make up for the bulky solution, these stubs are equipped with LEDs that indicate the current memory type and help diagnose startup problems if they don’t light up, you have a problem. Video 3Digests Video cards:

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