Connection conn1; Connection conn2; Connection conn3; Rolling back transaction” ; conn. Access control cannot be disabled. Ab out warnings TimesTen returns warnings when something unexpected occurs. Synchronous detection , through a SQL exception: For Java 6, TimesTen supports the java. Register the client failover listener instance.

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Sup port for classes in the java. Refer to “Access control impact on XLA”. String getString int columnIndex.

SQL statements that are timrsten be executed more than once should be prepared in advance by calling the Connection method prepareStatement. Timesten jdbc read-only locator is read consistentmeaning that throughout its lifetime, timesten jdbc sees only the contents of the LOB as of the time it was selected.

This method prints out the content of all exceptions in the linked SQLException objects.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

The first prepared INSERT for connection conn1 is shared with the conn2 and conn3 connections and speeds up the prepare operations for pIns2 and pIns The following topics are covered:. The first prepared INSERT for timesten jdbc conn1 is shared inside the TimesTen internal prepared statement cache with the conn2 and conn3 connections, speeding timesten jdbc the prepare timesten jdbc for pIns2 and pIns Example Catching an error The TimesTen demos require that you load the demo schema before they are executed.

This method creates an instance of the TimesTen driver and registers it with the driver manager. Do not use getString to retrieve primitive numeric types, like byte or intunless timesten jdbc is absolutely necessary. For example, using the following SQL syntax in a Java application may not produce the intended results:. Contrary to the advice given in “Working with TimesTen timesten jdbc sets: You can use any of the following PreparedStatement methods timesten jdbc jdhc a rowid: Fatal errors are indicated by TimesTen error codes and Thanks for your simple example for Timesten DB!


The following code uses a setTtPrefetchCount call to set the prefetch count to 10, then uses a getTtPrefetchCount call to return the prefetch count in the count variable. Connection conn; CallableStatement cstmt; ResultSet cursor; Feat ures and functionality of Timesten jdbc support for automatic client failover This section discusses general Timesten jdbc JDBC features related tumesten client failover, and functionality relating specifically to pooled connections.

Ope timesten jdbc and timestrn a direct driver connection Example shows the general framework for an application that uses the DriverManager class to create a timesten jdbc driver connection to the sample data store; execute some SQL, and then close the connection. Syn chronous detection of automatic client failover If, in a failover situation, an application attempts to use jdbv created on the failed connection, then JDBC will throw a SQL exception.

Applications can call the following TimesTenConnection method to detect whether the database is valid:.

TimesTenDataSource (Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

Timesten jdbc following topics are covered: See “Use arrays of parameters for batch execution”. This example timesten jdbc the ttDataStoreStatus procedure and prints out the returned result set. Calling the ResultSet method getString is more costly in terms of performance if the underlying data type is not a string. Retrieve all or part of the BLOB value as a byte array. When fatal timesten jdbc occur, TimesTen performs the full cleanup and recovery procedure: If you set SqlQueryTimeout in the DSN specification, its value becomes the default value for all subsequent connections to the data store.


A rowid value can be represented in either binary or character format, with the binary format taking 12 bytes and the character format 18 bytes.

When your application has a direct driver connection to the data timesten jdbc, TimesTen functions share stack timesten jdbc with your application. An associative array is a set of key-value pairs. The type of DSN you create depends on whether your timeste connects directly to the database or connects by a client. No uncommitted or rolled back transactions are reflected.

Han dling fatal errors Timestenn timesten jdbc make the data store inaccessible until it can be recovered. If no checkpoint or transaction log files exist and the AutoCreate attribute is timesten jdbc, TimesTen creates an empty data store.

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