September 19, – More likely it’s IDE. The time now is In Device Manager it says pc is set to Region 2 and says I have 4 changes left, once these have expired the dvd will be unusable. It does not show up in My computer and it just suddenly stopped working a few days ago.

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He sais they Could interfere with their software.

TSSTCORP TS-HB resources and drivers

If so, each driver will need to be removed one at a time. Please refer here for the visual confirmation Try open the fifth image. Here are the steps to do. The write goes about 30 seconds, then I get ts-h552 writing errorr message. Hi linq, I have your same burner: I hope this information will help you fix the issue. If so, each driver will need to be removed one at a time.

Now dvcw drive should be visible in My Computer and work tsstcorp cd/ dvdw ts-h552b.

I can launch the sfdnwin. The next folder we are going to actually highlight instead of clicking on the plus.

The answer is there if no different. All times are GMT. While WMP got to the ‘closing disk’ stage of burning, it gave me a error that my disk might be currupted or damaged.


Problem with TSST Corp CD/DVDW- TS-H552B drive

I have a code 39 error, which is causing my CD writer not to work. Send a private message to Jerry K. Never, ever approach a computer saying or tsstcorl thinking “I will just do this quickly.

Lets start at the begining before though we conclude ‘drive dead’ which is what most folks on that other thread seem to have run away with impression of. Using the Registry Editor: And here’s another method that will do this procedure automatically for you if you’re afraid to edit the registry manually. Had tsstcorp cd/ dvdw ts-h552b install a new hard-drive on a friends computer. Reply My TS-lM is not working and when I check it shows that I have a code 10 Ten tsstcorp cd/ dvdw ts-h552b It akso advises to contact manufacturer to resolve the problem, can you help?

Download HP Pavilion auk TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-HB Firmware HP13 for Windows XP

I’m having the tsstcorrp problem listed above but there is a twist. I was told to update the firmware- Where do I find the site for this burner to do that? Finally, I had to get rid tsstcorp cd/ dvdw ts-h552b it. I only want to make an exact copy of a disc I already have. If you have found a solution, could you tell me about it? Those are the steps. December 15th, I have documented this correspondence in Case Number in our contact tracking database.


Click on the Tab marked Hardware 3. January 12th, The answer is there if no different. Now your drive should be visible in My Computer and work properly. Originally Posted by Jerry K If your problem is non-detection, ie: Any help would be appreciated.

Tsstcorp cd/ dvdw ts-h552b to install a new hard-drive on a friends computer.

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